Dynamic outsourcing. Exceptional outcomes.

SHORE Solutions a Philippine based business and established in 2005 started as an advisory consulting business, eventually evolving to delivering of BPO and Call Center Services in 2010 to global companies who require a high level of management interaction to deliver their business objectives through offshoring. SHORE Solutions specialize primarily in handling offshore operations for local and international customers. SHORE Solutions has recently entered into a 100% definitive acquisition agreement with Rainmaker Asia, Inc., one of the leading outsource providers of telesales, integrated marketing services and hosted e-commerce. The acquisition will see SHORE Solutions own and manage the Rainmaker Asia group based in Manila, Philippines. Synergies will be leveraged as these two businesses merge to provide premium outsourcing services that are tailored and customized to meet client needs, creating BPO, Call Center and IT services that will speak volumes in terms of client focus, operation excellence and flexibility. Today, the combined Shore Group will have four sites with more than 1.500 seats specializing in servicing operations for companies in Australia, Asia Pacific, Europe, Canada and the US. Saffelberg Investments has invested over 4 mio USD for a stake of nearly 30% of the shares of SHORE Group.