PharmaNeuroBoost (PNB) - founded in 2006 by Erik Buntinx, MD-Psychiatrist and CEO, is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing best in class CNS therapeutics. The company's primary goal is to exploit the PNB01 and PNB02 opportunity. Both innovative designed drugs are combination medicines that strive to reinforce the effect of SSRIs, an important class of anti-depressants (PNB01) and of atypical antipsychotics (PNB02).

During 2008-2012, Saffelberg Investments has co-invested approximately 8.5 million EUR in PNB. In early 2013 a large scale FDA approved Phase III study with PNB’s lead product PNB01 (a proprietary fixed dose combination of citalopram and low dose pipamperone) in Major Depression failed and the decision was made to wind down the company.