Christophe De Wit* (1964) joined Saffelberg Investments in 2008 as Director with focus on Investment Management. At ARINSO International he started as Managing Director for Belgium, developing the company from 25 employees and a revenue of 2 million euro, to a 220 employee company with a revenue of 20 million euro. He then widened his horizons at ARINSO and was in charge of ARINSO's Strategic Alliances, most notably with SAP, Accenture and Vurv.

Prior to joining ARINSO, Christophe created the Belgian subsidiary of Dell Computer in 1991. He studied Applied Economic Sciences at Ichec-Cergeco in Brussels (1988). Christophe sits on the board of a number of companies across various industries.

*Representative of C.D.W. BV

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