Bornem, Belgium - February 5th, 2021

In order to finance its further growth, both nationally and internationally, BrokerCloud, an insurtech located in Belgium, raises 1,435,000 EUR in new capital. Lead investor is Saffelberg Investments. In 2020, the company already raised a half million EUR in equity.

BrokerCloud entered the market in 2018 as an innovative platform and challenger to the existing Broker Management Systems. In 2019, Ensur Ventures and Capo Tech joined the capital, with the ambition to develop BrokerCloud into an open digital platform seamlessly connecting brokers with clients, insurance companies, and other insurtechs. Appropriately that mission goes by the name of BrokerCloud Connected. Meanwhile, the digitization wave in the insurance sector has accelerated, not in the least due to Covid-19. Last year, more than 100 broker offices switched to BrokerCloud, and new partners were integrated, among which leading insurtechs such as WeGroup, myFaro, Keypoint and Teledesk Group. A first presence in Luxemburg was established. In 2022, other European countries are scheduled to follow.

BrokerCloud’s mission is being realized for and together with insurance brokers. Those should become increasingly the center of an ecosystem around the protection of people and their assets, as much as possible supported by new technologies.

Stephan Podevyn, CEO of BrokerCloud: “We are very honoured by the trust put into a young company like BrokerCloud by renowned investors like Saffelberg as well as existing investors. It reaffirms that we respond to an increasing need among insurance brokers. We are seeing a sharp increase of new and dynamic brokers linking to our platform. The new funding will allow us to scale up in sales, client service and development.”

Jos Sluys, CEO of Saffelberg: “Within the digital megatrend, the insurance sector is highly interesting, because it still has such a long way to go. We believe in the potential of insurtechs that offer smart digital solutions and end-to-end integrations. In the years to come, they will offer an important competitive advantage to providers, brokers, and clients. We are impressed by BrokerCloud, it completely meets our investment criteria.”

Geert Verhaeghe, CEO of Teledesk Group: “We are already working closely with BrokerCloud, leading to significant efficiency gains in claims handling. As the insurance industry continues to digitize, the role of the BrokerCloud platform will only increase.”

About BrokerCloud

BrokerCloud is a software company that develops and commercializes a digital management

platform (SaaS) for insurance brokers. It is active in Belgium and Luxemburg. In 2020, a turnover of 500.000 EUR was booked. In 2021, BrokerCloud expects to triple its turnover, and become profitable.


About Saffelberg Investments

Saffelberg Investments is an independent investment company with a €300 million capital base. It focuses on long term investments in fast-growing ventures through risk-bearing capital. Active across the globe, it participates in companies operating in diverse sectors.


For further information

Stephan Podevyn | CEO

M +32 496 57 10 49 | stephan.podevyn@Brokercloud.be

BrokerCloud BV | Puursesteenweg 390C | 2880 Bornem | Belgium | T +32 3 55 00000 | BrokerCloud.app |


Latest Growth Round for Rapidly Expanding Innovative 3D Design & eCommerce Platform

19 November 2020 - Leuven, Belgium

BRIKL , the world’s first end-to-end 3D design and ecommerce software platform, announced today that it has secured USD $2.4 million in growth funding from Saffelberg Investments. BRIKL was founded in 2017 in Belgium, with offices in the United States, Thailand, Mexico and Germany. Also based in Belgium, Saffelberg Investments is an early stage venture capital and later stage private equity firm with a USD $350 million capital base and a focus on SaaS, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet-of-Things and Life Sciences. The company will use the funds to enhance its suite of software products aimed at the sports and team wear industry and expand into packaging and consumer goods sectors.

BRIKL is a powerful and innovative hybrid platform that combines cutting edge design software, on-demand production and ecommerce. Using a simple point & click interface, custom designs can be created for any complex 3D form imaginable. Packaging, clothing, housewares, or other physical shapes can be easily decorated with colors, graphics, artwork, text, logo and images. Once finalized, designs are exported as print-ready files, saving thousands of dollars in production expenses and shortening the process by many days. Symbiotic with custom designs, users also have the ability to quickly set up online microsites to sell their unique creations.

BRIKL’s current clients include numerous top-tier sportswear brands such as Zoot Sports and Garneau, two global leaders in endurance sports; Eliel and Wattie Ink, two of the most popular triathlon and cycling apparel brands in the United States; Warrix, a leading sportswear brand in Thailand; and Vermarc Sport, a European-based cycling and triathlon team wear company.

“We’ve brought next generation tech to the custom made product category, which has been lacking for decades,” said Maarten Boone, CEO and Co-Founder of BRIKL. “We’ve been able to automate a lot of the design-to-manufacturing processes and group purchasing, which has helped our clients lower cost and increase revenue. This investment affirms the work we’ve been doing and the direction we’re going as we scale.”

“We are proud to welcome BRIKL into our portfolio of businesses that have solid potential for accelerated growth,” said Jos Sluys, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Saffelberg Investments. “Companies that we invest in undergo an extreme financial audit and market analysis before we make any decisions, and BRIKL met our expectations. I’m looking forward to offering executive support and valuable expertise to BRIKL CEO and Co-Founder Maarten Boone and his team as part of our partnership.”


BRIKL was founded in 2017 by Maarten Boone, Tobias Meixner and Jason Reinhardt to provide the best way to sell and make custom products online. Its software platform allows businesses to create unique designs in 3D online, automate customized products into print-ready files, and set up online microsites for dedicated sales to teams, clubs, schools, companies, and organizations. BRIKL employs people in offices in Belgium, the United States, Thailand, Germany and Mexico. For more information, visit www.brikl.com .

About Saffelberg Investments

Saffelberg Investments was founded by Belgian entrepreneur Jos Sluys after the successful merger of ARINSO International and Northgate Information Systems in 2007. The independent investment company has a $350 million USD capital base and participates in corporations operating in diverse sectors through equity and/or mezzanine financing. For more information, visit www.saffelberg.com .


Ghent (Belgium), October 28, 2020. -- POZYX, pioneers in accurate positioning solutions with ultra-wideband (UWB), are excited to announce an investment of 2.5 Million EUR from KBC Focus Fund and Saffelberg Investments. The Ghent-based (I)IoT startup will use the funds to boost its international growth by expanding its partner network and to strengthen its innovative product portfolio for smart manufacturing and smart warehousing customers.

Pozyx started hardware and software development using ultra-wideband technology (UWB) in 2015 as a spin-off from Ghent University. Since then, UWB has seen rapid adoption as a highly accurate and cost-effective real-time locating system (RTLS) for industrial customers. Pozyx products allow customers to track people and things with decimeter accuracy to make business processes faster, easier, and more efficient. The team at Pozyx has grown to 25 people who have been at the forefront of making UWB technology easy to use with innovative products that push the envelope. With over 4,000 customers in 80 countries, the Ghent-based startup’s solutions are used by some of the largest and innovative customers in the world (Airbus, Arcelor Mittal, Honda, MIT) to make manufacturing and warehousing even smarter.

“We are seeing incredible momentum for our solutions as more customers are discovering the advantages of ultra-wideband”, says Samuel Van de Velde, founder and CEO of Pozyx. “Our product portfolio focused on industrial customers is now finished and we are delighted with the new investment. The capital will allow us to grow rapidly by building a strong partner network worldwide. And it will give us even more room to further develop innovative products for smart manufacturing and smart warehousing customers.”

Nuno Carvalho, Investment Director at KBC Focus Fund says: “At KBC, we invest in exceptional companies active in the (I)IoT domain based in Belgium and surrounding countries. Pozyx is a great example of how a start-up with deep domain expertise and technological know-how can become a market reference in just a few years. The team’s innovative approach to use commercially available ultra-wideband (UWB) technology for real-time location systems has resonated with companies small and large around the world. Pozyx’ impressive customer base confirms the strength of their value proposition: improve bottom line by optimizing business processes, and top line by creating new business models based on location accuracy and data insights. We are looking forward to supporting Pozyx to expand their product portfolio and international presence through the network and expertise of the KBC Group.”

Luc Osselaer, Director at Saffelberg Investments adds: “We have first invested in Pozyx two years ago and have since seen the company grow into a world leader in accurate positioning. We believe UWB will play a vital role in enhancing productivity, intelligence, and safety across all industries, from logistics to entertainment and agriculture. We are proud that Belgium can play a leading role in this sector globally.”