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Saffelberg Investments is based in Belgium and has its offices in the beautiful castle of Gooik. Jos Sluys, CEO of Saffelberg Investments, acquired the castle in early 2007 with the main goal of restoring it to its former glory.

The history of the castle starts in 1906, when the noble family Oldeneel tot Oldenzeel - de Wouters de Boechout inherited a large property with an old country estate. The family decided to tear down the house and build a castle in its place. The castle was designed by architect Gustave Van den Bemden, in a Neo-French-Renaissance style. The family moved into the castle in 1912. It remained the property of the family until recently. Over the years, the family made few changes to the castle and both the interior and exterior have remained in their original state. However, the castle had been slowly deteriorating in recent years, making a thorough renovation an urgent necessity.

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