Cloudalize GPU-powered solutions deliver agility, flexibility and security for IIoT, Machine Learning, remote working and more.


Arctic Fox aims to address the growing demand in aesthetic medicine. Created in 2016, the portfolio company’s products will enhance physicians’ capabilities to address the demands of the growing number of clients seeking hassle-free personal enhancement procedures.


We help clients take leading tech to the limits by combining our expertise in machine learning, data engineering, and analytics. With Google Cloud Platform as our foundation, we help businesses future-proof their solutions, deepen their understanding of consumers, increase competitive advantage and unlock operational efficiencies.


BOA Biomedical is a Miraki InnovationTM focused on infectious disease.


The Antelope technology is the result of ten years of research at the Photonics Research Group of Ghent University. Since mid-last year, the technology has been further incubated in MyCartis and the newco is now established as a spin-off from UGent and MyCartis.

Antelope Dx develops a point-of-need diagnostics platform that allows patients, consumers and healthcare professionals to have on-the-spot access to key health parameters. The Antelope technology aims to offer clinical lab performance with the ease-of-use of a pregnancy test at a consumer price tag. The platform is based on innovative lab-on-chip technology and aims to perform high quality tests on any bodily fluid, without requiring complex user operations or sample preparation.


BRIKL is a next generation 3D customization and ecommerce software platform for custom products.
Their mission is to simplify, streamline and automate the selling and making of custom products.
BRIKL empowers every company to sell custom products online to consumers, teams, clubs, schools, companies and organizations.
Their digital solutions help companies scale faster while reducing cost and lead time.


Iristick’s industrial smart glasses have been developed by a team of senior industry entrepreneurs, top engineers and industrial and eyewear fashion designers. After exhaustive testing of the options available on the market and listening extensively to industry needs, we designed the Iristick.C1 and Iristick.Z1.


Tangent Works was founded in 2014 by a team of data scientists and mathematicians who believed in the power of predictive modeling for optimizing operations and reducing costs, but found that the existing methods were far too complex for broad adoption.


Synergee, through its collaborative software solution in SaaS mode, currently supports 270 retailers in 120 countries to manage the life cycle of their points of sale.


We're a medtech startup on a mission to restore the sleep of the one billion people that suffer from a sleep disorder. We leverage the best of micro-electronics, biomedical signal processing and data science to bring medical solutions that are vastly more elegant and effective.


Pozyx specializes in accurate positioning based on ultra-wideband technology. We provide indoor and outdoor solutions for a diverse group of clients in over 60 markets. The company was founded as a spin-off from the prestigious Ghent University in 2015.

Pozyx designs its own hardware, writes its own firmware and invests in the development of algorithms to make the solution more stable and robust. Pozyx has also developed companion software that makes it easy to install and maintain any set-up.


Proceedix is a Software as a Service-based central platform for managing enterprise procedures and instructions in an easy way, while making the remote execution by field workers mobile and paperless. Run your company's procedures, work instructions and checks anytime, anywhere, on Android Phone, tablet and Google Glass.

Press Release Proceedix - June 12,2017

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