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Brussels, 3 November 2009 - CDM Group ( with headquarters in Overijse - Belgium, is a technological leader in noise and vibration control systems in building, industry and railway applications and pioneering in this niche market since 1951.  In order to aggressively pursue its growth strategy, the Group has now attracted Saffelberg Investments as a strategic financial partner.

CDM Group is a vertically integrated company, specialized in the design, production and implementation of vibration isolation systems, used in buildings (floating floors, building base isolation, suspension elements and more), machinery and railway infrastructure (noise, vibration and electrical isolation systems for tram, metro and trains). The Group has its own revalorization plant for end-of-life tires, where it produces most of its rubber raw materials in that way controlling the full value chain.

As such, the Group provides solutions to enhance acoustic and vibration comfort by using sustainable technologies in attractive and promising segments with growth potential such as public transport and buildings in urban environment.

The Group sees growth in 3 dimensions: geographical expansion with focus on the Americas and the Middle East, the continuing revival of public transport in urban environment and the sociological trend of re-urbanization creating need for comfortable dwellings and offices.

The Group has at present 90 employees in Belgium (HQ), Canada, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal (+Brazil), Poland, Spain, Switzerland and UK and is aiming for a group turnover in 2009 of 25 million EUR.

Saffelberg Investments ( has joined CDM Group as strategic financial partner in order to sustain the above mentioned growth potential. 

CDM Group CEO Patrick Carels: "Saffelberg Investments will assist us in the further development of our worldwide activities ensuring continuation of our technological leadership in noise and vibration control. This partnership will offer us new possibilities for growth. During the negotiations, we found that Saffelberg shares our values and entrepreneurial vision and supports our international ambitions."

Saffelberg Investments CEO Jos Sluys: "CDM Group meets all our key investment criteria: a strong and committed management team, operating a vertically integrated business in a market with attractive long-term growth potential. CDM is a Belgian company with a global presence serving customers world-wide. We believe that the Group will be able to double its size within the next five years, thus becoming an undisputed market leader."

For more information

Patrick Carels    

CEO - CDM Group

GSM: +32 475 477 046

About Saffelberg Investments:

Saffelberg Investments is an independent financial and industrial holding company with a 250 million EUR capital base. Saffelberg Investments focuses on long term investments by taking both majority stakes and substantial minorities in fast-growing ventures through risk-bearing capital. Active across Europe, we participate in corporations operating in diverse sectors through equity and/or mezzanine financing.


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