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May 2011 - Saffelberg Investments sells its 40% equity stake in Altachem NV to German market leader LINDAL Group.

Saffelberg entered the capital of Altachem ( in 2008, and successfully managed to advance and professionalize the company, appointing Koen Claerbout as new CEO thus laying the foundations for long-term sustainable growth. In May 2011, Saffelberg has reached an agreement, together with the other shareholders, to divest its stake to German market leader Lindal Group ( - thus contributing to a further consolidation of the aerosol valves industry worldwide.

Altachem NV, established in 1992 and located in Deinze (Belgium) is the world leader in the development and production of:

* Specialty Aerosol valves for Polyurethane Foam and viscous products * NBS Foam Applicators (Foam Guns) and dispensing systems * Specialty Chemicals used in OCF formulations

In 2010, the company reached total sales of over 20 mio Euro.

Lindal Group manufactures valves, actuators and spraycaps for different kinds of aerosol-products. Being an international group of companies, Lindal also offer a wide range of services around its products. For hairspray, polyurethane-foam or antiasthmatics: aerosol valves and actuators are used by people around the world ­ every day.


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