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As of 16 May 2022, the Sole Director for Saffelberg Investments is LAHAYA BV, represented by Luc Osselaer. 

The Sole Director is the highest management body and has governance authority to the fullest extent, with the exception of the powers that are by law and by the articles of association reserved for the General Shareholders’ Meeting. The Sole Director controls the company as a corporate body, establishes the strategy, exercises supervision on the day-to-day management and the Investment Committee and is accountable towards the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

An Investment Committee (IC) and an Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee (ARC) have been set-up within Saffelberg. The committees have an advisory role in relation to the Sole Director and assist in their specific areas of expertise.

Investment committee (IC)

  • Jos Sluys, Founder      

  • Luc Osselaer, Sole Director

  • Marleen Vercammen, CFO

  • Arnold Benoot, Legal Counsel

  • Jan Geerts, Investment Manager


The Investment Committee (IC) is the central body in Saffelberg’s investment strategy. On a regular basis, the IC provides an update of the active investment portfolio, as well as on potential new investment opportunities.

The responsibilities of the IC are:

  • Evaluate developments in portfolio companies and suggest potential remediation

  • Log incoming investment opportunities (tier one)

  • Determine which opportunities will be investigated (tier two)

  • Initiate due diligence and term sheet negotiations for selected opportunities (tier three)

  • Decide on potential divestments


Audit, Risk and Compliance committee (ARC)

  • Marleen Vercammen, CFO

  • Arnold Benoot, Legal Counsel

  • Thomas Van den Abbeele, Accounting and Tax Manager

  • Jan Geerts, Investment Manager


The ARC ensures the group’s Financial, Risk & Compliance processes. On the one hand it ensures that there are adequate internal controls of compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements and it supervises the quality of these controls. On the other hand it safeguards the quality and independence of the company auditor.

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